Think about your purchases...

The first step to frugal living!

The line from the new Winnie the Pooh song comes to mind...
"all you have to do is think... think... think..."

My Hubby would probably tell you that I've always had a bit of a frugal tendency
, even before I truly got into the coupon & savings way of life. I was especially careful on bigger ticket items.

I have always been one to shop around, sometimes that means I miss out on an item while waiting for it to go on sale. My thought while waiting for a sale is usually that if it's not there when I go to get it on sale, then I probably didn't really need it anyway. I mean... how much do we really need anyway?

I admit it's hard to not want for more or better things sometimes, but how much will that new thing really improve our lives. So often we find it months later just sitting on the shelf with all our other unnecessary "stuff".
I want to leave you with this today...

Next time you thing you just have to have something, whether it be an electronic gadget all the way up to a car, really think about it before you make the purchase. Do some shopping around, some research, and decide if spending the money is really something you should do.

Do consider what else could be done with the money you are about to spend. That often works for me when we eat out. I often have water instead of a soda because I know if I do that a few times the savings add up fast, and I'd much rather be able to run for ice cream or pizza one evening with the money we've saved then have a soda with every meal, or even better... put it in savings and watch it grow!
I also suggest you sleep on it... I've heard of some who literally put their credit cards in the freezer so they have to wait for it to thaw before they can use it so they have time to think before they use it.

As for the credit card... don't use them unless you intend to fully pay them off at the end of the month. When you save 10% on an item, you didn't save anything if you paid a 24% finance fee for not paying the balance off. Don't kid yourself! They are an easy trap to fall into, and if you know they are too easy to swipe and hard for you to pay off, don't carry them! Enough of a lecture about credit cards, I'll post more about them another time.

If you don't have, it don't spend it... sorry, but this goes along with the credit card that I just said I wouldn't talk anymore about, and it's something none of us want to hear either... But, don't buy something with the expectation of paying it off with your next paycheck... Ouch! Something else always happens that costs more than you expected and oops... now you've cost yourself in finance charges.

Buy less & save more! Just the opposite of what we are programmed for in America. If you save your money now, when you really truly need or want something, you will more likely have the money for it.

I'm in need of getting rid of some clutter, not adding more!
How about you?!?!

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