Thursday's deals & Weekly Totals...

Here are my Thursday totals...

Krogerspent $17.99
saved $41.73

spent $41.80
saved $52.31

spent $15.08
saved $40.10
rebates $18.99 (+10% for choosing a Walgreens gift card)
Will be getting $3.50 back from a friend for one of the razors.
$15.08-$3.50= $11.58 total spent


Weekly Totals....

spent $85.25
saved $164.48
Walgreens rebates $28.99
rebate $5 Coors rebate for snacks/soda
(just found rebate form & had a receipt that qualified)

With my weekly budget being $60,
you can see I went over.
I did, however, have some extra ($26.72) accumulated from the 2 weeks prior.
$26.72-$25.25= $.47 left

1 comment:

Mrs. B said...

Good job. Thats a lot of meat from Kroger for just $17! what kinda pie are you making??? I wish I had some of those crusts right now.

God Bless,

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