Valentine's Day Fun & Frugal...

Valentine's Day is Saturday!
Yes, Saturday!

Are you ready?

I don' t know about you & your significant other, but my Hubby doesn't like to get me flowers... not the cut ones anyway. Why? They die! & they're expensive, but mostly because they die! He doesn't want to buy me something that signifies his love that is only around a few days.

Here are a few ideas that won't break the bank,
and that won't wilt away in a few days...

The absolute best gift you can give anyone I believe is a sentiment of your feelings, and the thoughtfulness of remembering them. An actual gift is nice, but words and thoughtfulness can mean so much more! Especially on Valentine's Day!
  • Leave a note. I personally love when my Hubby leaves me a note and leaves it where I will find it during the day. This can be anything from a quick "I love you" to a long heartfelt message.
  • Make something. Maybe you're good at something and are always making things for other people, but never thought to give one to someone close to you.
  • Make your own card! This one speaks lots. It's not hard to pick up a card in the convenience or grocery store, but it takes a little thought & time to make one which says so much more for so much less $!
  • Plan a dinner date, or whatever meal suits you best. Plan to have the kids watched and prepare the meal yourself, this is an especially good idea for someone that normally doesn't do the cooking. Let that special someone know they're worth the time to try and do something for them that you're not used to doing, and give them a chance to just sit and enjoy themselves.
  • Swap babysitting with a friend for the evening and don't have anything planned, then be spontaneous! Of course, have a few ideas in mind or the movie times just in case you can't come up with anything.
  • Do something unexpected! Clean the fridge, or wash & detail the car. Something that says, "I know what you care about & I'll help you because I love you."
  • Create a romantic atmosphere at home. Dim the lights, light some candles, find some good music ( is a great resource), get some sparkling juice and a maybe romantic movie.
Family ideas...
  • Bake cookies together, heart shaped, or make other fabulous desserts. There are lots of good recipes at
  • Decorate the house together. There are lots of craft ideas online.
  • Spend the day together playing games or watching movies together.
  • Look through your old photo/scrapbooks together.
If you feel you must buy something, here are a few ideas....
  • Magazine Subscriptions. Something that is relatively inexpensive, but says you care about their interests.
  • Flowers. If they are a must, they are much less expensive at the grocery store and can be just as nice. I also think it's best to hand deliver them if it's possible anyway for the best impact.
  • Dinner out. is a great way to get a good meal out inexpensively!

Whatever you do, don't miss this chance to tell those you love how much you love them. Don't assume that they know you care. It's something that we should do throughout the year, but often fail to.
This is a great time to express those feelings without feeling out of place about it.
Hope you and yours have a wonderful day together!
With Love

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