Tuesday deals....

I had fun yesterday
& got a few good buys while I was out.
Will probably finish up my shoppin for the week on Thursday.
Check back for more then.

out of pocket $0
gift card -$1.43
saved $35.16

I transferred a prescription to CVS today & got a $25 gift card. One of my local CVS stores accepts competitors Rx coupons & I had a $25 one for Walgreen's. We can't go to Walgreen's with our insurance, so I used the coupon at CVS today and got a gift card there. As you can see... the $25 might last me awhile!

spent $7.01

Aunt Millie's Bread Store
spent $4.25

I don't have retail prices on the items I purchases at Aldi or the Aunt Millie's, so I will not be counting any money saved when I shop there. I use Aldi & Aunt Millie's when I can't get good prices on things elsewhere. I use Aldi primarily for produce when the other stores aren't having good sales.

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