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BzzAgent... What is it?

BzzAgent is a program where you get to try new products and services at no cost with samples, coupons,etc.

Then you make your voice heard by sharing my opinions with others, including some of the largest companies in the world.

Why be a BzzAgent? You get to try new products shortly after, and sometimes even before, they hit the market & it's free!

Right now I am participating in 2 programs ,Palmolive Pure & Clear and Glade Fragrance Collection. Both will be at my door soon for me to try and then to Buzz about.

When you buzz,
or talk about a product, you get & give others feedback on the product.. they often give you coupons to share as well. You then report about your buzz. When you do Buzz reports, you get more opportunities to try more products. The more you buzz, the more and better the products you may get to try.

If you don't buzz about a product you get... don't worry, they won't end the program with you. You just may not see as many free products come your way for awhile.

Want to become a Buzz Agent? Let me invite you!!

Simply leave a comment with your email address, or email me at the link to the left & I'll send you an invitation to join.

1 comment:

Pam said...

Sounds like a great deal. Count me in.


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