Car Insurance...

We recently found out it really does pay off to call your auto insurance company to find out if you can get better rates.

Our insurance for our vehicles came due in February, and wouldn't you know, they were all higher than they were six months ago when we paid last. Hubby called the insurance company only to find out that even though we'd been with them all of our driving lives and hadn't had a claim in 15 years, there was nothing they were willing to do to lower our rates.

Hubby did some calling around and with the second phone call, got a better rate with better coverage for a little less than we were paying at the other company. I think it was around $100 less, not counting a membership fee we were paying too, and we added our travel trailer to the policy too.

I was a little apprehensive about changing companies, but we ended up going with a national well respected company... so all is well.

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