Dishwasher frugality...

I have a dishwasher & love it! Saves me time and counter space (used to dry my dishes on a rack on the counter prior to my dishwasher days).

Dishwashers can cost you though, beyond that initial expense.

Think about the energy they can use providing extra heat to wash and dry your dishes. Not to mention the detergent and the rinse aid.

To save money while running the dishwasher you can do two things.

1) Use vinegar in your rinse aid dispenser. Vinegar is the main ingredient in most of the rinse aids and is much cheaper. It also lacks the coloring and other chemicals that the rinse aids have, so is probably better for you too.... and no, your dishes won't smell like vinegar. I can tell you from experience!

2) Turn of the heat for the drying mode, set it to air dry. I usually run it in the evening or set it to run while we sleep. I find this works well and the only dishes that are even a bit wet in the morning are the ones that collect water in a lip like some of the storage containers do.

If I don't want to wait overnight... I simply open the door a crack as soon as it is done running and let the steam escape. The heat left from the hot water makes the dishes dry quickly... and it's great in the wintertime. Stand over it and let your face get a treatment (just be sure it's not too hot first).


Hannah said...

ooh, good tips. Great to know about the vinegar. I was just thinking that rinse aid is awfully expensive, so it's nice to hear about a thrifty alternative!

Tina said...

I didn't think to use vinegar. Thanks for the tip :)

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