Frugal Friday... Save Money on Fishing!

I spared you a picture of the real critters :)

We're getting ready to go on a fishing trip and, weather permitting, we always try to head out to the backyard and look for critters we can use for bait.

We only found a few worms today. The ground is still cold here so most of them were small, but because of the temperature they were easy to catch though! :)

My 3 year old had fun too! Loved putting the creepy crawlies in the pail of dirt when we found them... although he refused to touch them with his bare hands (something I'm sure Hubby will change if he gets the chance).

During the warmer season, we also look for crickets.
They are harder to catch, but that can be part of the fun.

Never looked for worms or crickets? Both like dark places like under rocks or in a pile of leaves. Sometimes you can dig and find worms if the soil is fertile and full of decaying materials like leaves, etc.

Next time, before you go fishing, I challenge you to take a look & see if you can "dig up" a few of your own backyard critters for bait. You just might have more fun than you think.. and the kids love the hunt!

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~Sara said...

Great idea. My husband and sons are getting ready to rebuild the worm farm we have. We use netting on the ground and build a box on top of it. We go out at night or after a rain and catch them, put them in the box until we are ready to go fishing. Beats paying $2.50 for a dozen nightcrawlers when we can just get them ourselves!

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