Kmart $20 Prescription Coupon...

Get a $20 gift card for any new or transferred prescriptions
from 2/22-3/7/09 with this coupon.

Rx coupons are a great way to get free money for your grocery and household items. Only do it if you know you can keep track of where your Rx's are.

Keep in mind that some stores will honor a competitor's coupon. If you can't go to your local Kmart for you Rx's, maybe your CVS or Walgreens will honor the coupon for you.

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Jen said...

Hi I noticed your comment on my blog about graphic kits and I am pretty sure they are for personal use only. If you are interested in using them for a business site I am sure if you contact the designers they can work out a deal for a commercial license!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope that helps!


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