Thursday's deals & this Weeks totals...

Here are my Thursday shopping totals with pictures!
My little guy just had to be in the pics this time :)

I went to 3 stores Thursday since I wasn't too well prepared on Tuesday.

Spent $0
Saved $5.34
Paid $1.27 with gift card

Spent $2.26
Saved $32.22
got $3.50 RR

Spent $16.62
Saved $51.67
Got $2 catalina (RR)
-Ground turkey was clearance to $1.59 each & some had $1 off peelies on them!
Took them home to the freezer!!! Got 5!!


Weekly Totals....

Spent $30.20
Saved $150.52
Got 2 $3.50 Walgreens RR (toothpaste)
$2 Catalina at Meijer (Crystal Light)

Did pretty well this week, if I must say so myself.
Helps to not really be in the mood to shop!
It does actually happen sometimes :)

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