Bzz Agent... Sense & Spray....

First of all... if you've never heard of Bzz Agent and like to try new things for free, go check it out.

I was recently sent the Sense and Spray by Glade. I got the Clean Linen scent and a few $3 coupons to hand out to friends & family.

I must say I really like this new product! I don't always go for the highly scented home fragrances, but like this one because it only sprays when it senses movement around it, and then locks out for 0 minutes unless you hit the button to release more fragrance. That eliminates the scent being released all the time saving your money and your nose. Great for the bathroom! That's where I put mine.

The Clean Linen scent is fresh and light and not overpowering like I think some of the floral scents are, and great for my bath/laundry room.

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