Gardening tips... Planting & Saving...

ardening is a great resource for saving money
if you have the room for planting and later storing your food.

The first things to go into my garden are radishes and lettuces because they like the cool, wet weather. You can start planting after the last threat of freeze or frost.

Later cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, herbs, corn and tomatoes, to name a few get there start.

Then again, as the cool weather is soon to set in, sometimes we plant the cooler weather plants again to make the best of the garden space.

It's important to know when to plant different things where you live to get the best quality from your plants that you can. The better they are when you preserve them, the better they'll be when you prepare them later... the more likely you'll use them!

The most inexpensive way to get started is with seeds. For most plants, you don't need to start with Jiffy pots and special fertilizers to get your plants up and running. You simply need to know when to plant them and if your planting season is long enough to provide you with a full harvest from your plants.

Another option is to purchase plants that already have a start. Most hardware stores have a great variety of these, some grocery stores do as well. Most times, the smaller the plants, the more plant for your money. It's alright to purchase the smaller plants if, again you think your growing season will be long enough... typically if they are selling them in your area, you're probably ok.

When picking out plants, always look for healthy, hearty plants. Avoid really tall plants that are spindly and stretching for sunlight. Shorter, stalky plants are usually healthier and will survive the transplant to the garden much better. Also, look for discoloration or spots on the leaves, leaf curl, and insects before making your purchase. You don't want to take insects or disease home with you!

Try to avoid the garden centers and shops. These typically have the same variety of plants at an escalated price.

Some plants start well from seeds... such as anything from the squash family, corn, cucumbers, melons, radishes and herbs. Others do ok from seed, but need more tending to and require more care such as tomatoes and peppers... these hubby and I tend to purchase already as small plants... plus we want a more extended growing season! Love our tomatoes!!

Let me know about your gardening experiences!
Love to hear your tips to!


Jennifer said...

Great info! I can't wait to get started on my veggie garden. =)

Courtney said...

great tips! i was planning on working in the garden today but the hubs took both sets of keys. great info i will be sure to use!

Amy said...

Thanks for the great tips!!! We are going to plant our first garden this year. We have started some seeds and they are doing great. Do you know if sweet corn does okay being transplanted?

Suz said...

I have never tried it before because corn does so well as a seed, no real extra attention is needed. Plant it... lightly pack the soil over the plant, make sure it's moist and walk away.

I did do a search and found 2 articles on sweet corn transplantation. Both favored that corn doesn't do well as a transplant due to it's type of root growth.

HTH! :)

Jenney said...

It is a great thing to read some of the gardening tips and advices. Gardening is one of the most past time activities for people. It does not really require you to be an expert to these, just your time and passion though. Ans also, it is very environmentally friendly!

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