Last Thurs deals and Weekly total...

As many of you know if you follow my blog, I'm a bit behind since we went on a long weekend trip. Yesterday was our first day home and I spend most of it doing laundry and such.

So... to catch up this is from last week... Thurs., March 26th to be exact :)

KrogerSpent $14.84
Saved $27.81

(sorry no pic, was getting ready for trip)

Spent $21.76
Saved $23.56

(again no pic)
Can tell you it was for 2 boxes of Tuff trash bags :)
Spent $0 ($7.49 from gift card)
Saved $2.98
Will get $3 rebate


Weekly totals

Spent $49.86
Saved $92.75
Get $13.99 in rebates


Weekly Budget of $60 means $10.14 overage!!


Anonymous said...

Good job. 10.14 left over is awesome!

A Frugal Friend said...

Nice work....I'm behind too since we came back from a quick trip and my little one's been sick. Grocery shopping hasn't made the to-do list very often the last 2 weeks.

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