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I know I've mentioned this program a few times already. I'm just excited to have found something that earns me some extra money while I'm doing my normal online searching.
I've earned 2 $5 Amazon gift cards in about 1 month!

Swagbucks is simply a search engine that credits you "Swagbucks" when you win them through searching through their site. I have found that with every few searches I win a Swagbuck usually valued at 1-3 points. Those points can be redeemed for various prizes. The one that works best for me is Amazon gift cards.

In about 1 months time I have earned enough Swagbucks to redeem for 2 $5 Amazon gift cards. I think I may save them up for Christmas deals, unless another great buy comes along.

You can earn points from friends under you as well, so get your friends to sign up & use Swagbucks... I've earned my gift cards quickly with only one active friend under me.

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Lindsay said...

I remember signing up for some paid-to-surf or paid-to-search (something along those veins) when I first was trying to figure out how to make money online, and I never got squat. Good to hear you're getting some rewards. Amazon and iTunes are my favorite places to shop online, so I'd actually use certificates for a spot like that. :)

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