Tuesday's shopping trip...

I made it to 3 stores Tuesday and did ok...

The grocery deals are just not great right now, but the pantry is more than full,
so I'm ok with that.

Spent $9.73
Saved $14.98

Spent $0 ($7.91 on gift card)
Rebate $1.25
(rebate on Auro-Dry which was on clearance..
making it free!)

Spent $1.59 (forgot to use gift card)
Saved $30.39

Totals for Tuesday....
Spent $11.32
Saved $92.05
Rebates $1.25


Anonymous said...

Great job, what transactions did you do exactly at Walgreens?

Suz said...

Ryns wrap, Rembrant and tissues in 1st transaction. Had 3 $1 coupons for the Ryns wrap. Used a $3.50RR and a $2.50 RR from previous trips... total was $.89

2nd transaction was Aleve (clearanced at $1.29) had 3 $1 coupons for them, and Ecotrin, couldn't find my coupon for it. Had to through in a Lindt truffle for $.39 to get my last coupon to clear... shouldn't have needed it, but had to. Somehow that didn't make the pic. Used $3 RR from previous weeks order. Total came to $.70.

I got a $6 RR from Rembrandt and a $2 RR from Ecotrin.

HTH :)

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