Restaurant coupons...


I don't know about you, but we love to eat out!

One thing I've found that helps us is signing up for restaurant newsletters online. They often send coupons to your email that you would normally not get from them through the newspaper. Be sure to send them to an alternate email account, not your primary, because the emails can get abundant. That way you can check for deals whenever you want to go out and not be bothered by the emails otherwise.

A few I like are:

Buca di Peppo We don't have one in town, but do enjoy going to one about 45 mins away and eating with Hubby's brother(s). Always a bonus to have a coupon.

Fazoli's @

DairyQueen @ They often send coupons for B1G1 free blizzards.

One I'm signing up for:

I recently had one of those coupons you signed up for to get a free sub. My local store was not honoring the coupons, so I was never able to try them.... never been there before. I would like to try them since I missed out on the sandwich freebie and want to know what I'm missing. Curiosity has got me :)

Looks like from what I've read elsewhere you get coupons for a free Flatbread Sammie, and a cookie on your birthday. You get more coupons periodically to keep you coming back... Yum!

The links above will all take you to the various websites
to sign up for the newsletters and coupons.

Is there a restaurant you know of that sends out great coupons?
Let me know so I can include them.

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