Alert!!! Parade Magazine Had Coupons Yesterday...

Extra, Extra, Read all about it...

Don't throw out that newspaper yet!!

If you got a newspaper, or papers, yesterday that include the Parade Magazine insert you will likely find some good coupons in it.

Coupons seem to vary a bit by region as I've seen others talking about it. The paper I subscribe to doesn't include the Parade, so no extras for me.

If you got the Parade, what coupons did it include?


Sharon said...

hi! I saw your post over on Deal Seeking Mom's forum, so wanted to stop by for a visit! Your blog looks great! Hard to believe you've just started. Nice work.

The only problem I had was wiht your nav bar -- it didn't link to anything. Not sure if it's my browser (Firefox) or an HTML issue, but wanted to give you a heads up!

Nice to "meet you"

Suz said...

I don't know what I said that made you think I just started... unless you consider blogging since 8/08 a newbie. I've just got my first official design underway with the helpful handy work of AprilShowers.

We've been working on the image and hadn't got the links up and working just yet. Some of the sidebar info will change after the links up top get put to work. Until then, all the info will be in it's normal places. :)

Thanks for visiting!!

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