My Savings...

I know I haven't posted savings and shopping deals in awhile...
as you may have noticed in a recent post I'm working on some other projects right now so something had to give.

Plussss... we had Bible School at church last week and Hubby and I were both involved. I didn't even grocery shop last week!

Anyway... Here are the deals I got Wednesday this week for those of you that have missed my show and tell...


Spent $0 ($3.66 on gift card)
Saved $57.09
Found Norelco shaver replacement blades on clearance for $5, had $5 coupon!


Spent $35.10
Saved $41.97

Huck's Gas Station
$3 on milk

Oh... & Monday I spent $3 on a desperate need for milk at the gas station... 3 Bucks!!! Ouch! Not used to that lately! Guess it made up for not going to the grocery last week.

I may get back in town for another Walgreens run ...
could use the peanut butter the way my little guy eats it!

Year to date totals will resume shortly... I have been keeping track, promise! and no, my fingers weren't crossed :)

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