Pinecone Research...


They apparently reached their amount of new survey panelists very quickly and pulled the link. If I find out about any more openings I will certainly post about them here!

I have been a member of PineCone Research
for over a year

and have to say I enjoy doing their surveys and getting a check in the mail. The checks truly come just a few days after completing a survey and each survey gains you $3!

I don't get lots of surveys from them, but the occasional one is fine with me. It's fun to see some of the new products and advertising they have questions about.

PineCone is looking for new people to be a part of their surveys right now. They have proved to be a difficult company to sign up with up to now as they limit the number of participants, you had to find the ad online or be invited.

Now's your chance to be invited by me!
Simply click on the image above and sign up!


Anonymous said...

There are no links available? Is the invitation over?

Suz said...

Wow... that was fast! Apparently they got the number that they needed very quickly.

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