Been away....

I have been away for the week at a National Convention for our church...

the Mennonite Church

Now... before you start thinking horse and buggy... :)
I must tell you that that there are a lot of stereotypes about Mennonites...
& I mean a lot !

Mennonites range from very conservative horse and buggy, to relatively liberal ... even more so than many other denominations.

I fit in the middle... basically "normal" category....

Feel free to ask me questions if you like,
you may have heard about us on the news this week.

Anyway, I've been away helping with the children's program and will be on my way home today. I hope to pick up on the posting when I get home as they have been few and far between this week.

I will likely be having a few giveaways this week too to celebrate the launch of the new design here... so be sure to come back!

1 comment:

Jill said...

Have a safe trip home! You've been missed!

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