Making Healthier Pancakes...

Here is a simple, easy way I make pancakes healthier at home.

Whether I'm making from scratch, or using a mix, I love this and my family doesn't know the difference.

I like to add toasted wheat germ to my pancakes. I've tried adding it to the mix, but depending on the kind I make, sometimes it doesn't work well with the batter. What I've started doing is adding a sprinkle to the top of the batter right after I add it to the pan. It's not noticeable at all with wheat pancakes.

I sometimes add fruit on top of the batter at this point too. Very thinly sliced ripe bananas are a treat!

Wheat germ is a great nutritional addition wherever you can add it. I even like it by the spoonful on occasion because of it's nutty flavor. See wiki's description of wheat germ.

If you think your family will like it, you can add more than a sprinkle because it can add a nutty flavor which would be good with pancakes.

I've found that wheat germ tends to be less expensive at small variety or specialty stores than at grocery stores for whatever reason.

Try it, let me know how it works for you.
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Jill said...

Good idea Suz! I have been putting flax seed in mine and a very tiny sprinkling of mini semisweet chocolate chips. The kids think it is a real treat.
Got my paint today fed ex!

Suz said...

Great! I haven't tried the flax seed... might have to one of these days. I do chips sometimes too :)

Looking forward to getting the paint too!

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