Survey Savvy... Another Great Survey Site!

Survey Savvy is a survey site that I have
been signed up with for awhile that I like.

I don't get a lot of surveys from them, but I don't get any spam from them either.

With Survey Savvy, your earnings accumulate until your request a payment. This is great for me, because I like to wait until I have a decent amount before I cash out.... saving me multiple trips to the bank or a chance of losing one of those checks.

You can find more Works for me Wednesday tips/ideas here.


A Frugal Friend said...

I do like Survey you I don't get a huge amount of surveys from them, but when I do, they are good ones.

Are you liking the look of your site? Soooo cute!

Suz said...

Thanks! Yes... I do really like the new digs! Thanks for noticing :)

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