Year to date Savings....

I haven't updated my yearly numbers here for awhile...
and thought you all might be interested in seeing where I'm at.

To refresh you memory, my weekly budget for my family of 3 and a dog is $60 a week for grocery and household items (such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc.). If I don't use it I "bank it" as overage that I can use for a special deal, sale or even to splurge another week.

Here's were I'm at for the year so far....

Money Spent

Money Saved

(money not spent on weekly grocery budgets)


On weeks we've been away, I didn't add to my overage unless I made a shopping run for the trip.
I could make my numbers look a lot better if I chose to buy everything that was a great deal, but I choose to buy only the things that my family will use or that I know that I can donate to a good cause.

I have also slowed down my shopping during the summer months while my little guy is home so I can spend more time with him.... my drug store trips have almost stopped simply because I would rather spend the time with him then go after one more freebie. After all, my closets are overflowing anyway and needed to be used some.

How does your grocery budget look? Curious to see where others are at.

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