Contact Lenses....

I'm a contact wearer and I actually have an appointment today which prompted me looking for some good finds. Today you'll find some trial offers and a company that I recommend for contacts. Hope my eyes haven't changed much! Don't want to have to purchase glasses again too!

Because colors are just fun!

When you have some Astigmatism.

For extra moisture.

Each offer is for one free trial pair. Your eye doctor may allow you to use one or more offers... just print the forms and take them with you. It never hurts to ask!

Click on the images of the ones you'd like to try to get the forms.

If you already have a prescription and need a refill, a great place to get a good price on contacts is 1-800 CONTACTS. I've used them before and was more than pleased with them. I had a pair that were not right when I opened them, one of the contacts was folded on itself and they paid shipping both ways no questions asked and sent me a new box.... the problem was years ago (like 15 or more... wow, I'm getting old!).

I always check when I get new contacts what deals are going on at my Doctors office. Sometimes they will have a rebate making them a good by at the Doctors, other times 1-800 CONTACTS is cheaper. Do your homework before you order anywhere.

Current Coupons at 1-800 CONTACTS

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 at
FREE SHIPPING on your contact lenses when you order online.
Save $5 off $95 today. Use Code Save355. Ends 8/31/09.

Save up to $40 instantly and get FREE SHIPPING Logo - We deliver, you save.


mub said...

When I was wearing contacts, I always had good luck with them too!

Jen@ After the Alter said...

I have my contact appt today with my doctor! Thank you I will bring in the coupon!

'Becca said...

Another way to save money on contacts is to wear the rigid gas-permeable type, which last for YEARS. I actually don't know what they cost now because it's been so long since I got vision insurance, and I never have to replace a lens more than every 2 years which is how often they cover it...but they used to be $12 each which works out to $1 a month, less if they last longer, and I've had some last 6 years. I spend about $25 a year and 1 minute a day cleaning them. I have severe astigmatism, as well as being nearsighted, but RGP lenses give me extremely sharp, clear vision. I love them!

'Becca said...

You got me wondering how the current price of my contacts compares to soft ones, so I did some quick searching....
Are people seriously paying $90 per 6 months for contacts?? No wonder you are looking for discounts!

My contacts (Boston) now sell for $37 each, so they've tripled in price in--gee, it's probably been 10 years--but still, they are very affordable compared to the others!

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