Gevalia.. New Offer...

Gevalia has a new offer available right now to try their coffees and get a free travel mug...

Get 3 boxes of coffee for $3
and they will also send you a free stainless steel travel mug!

I have to tell you I tried their coffee on a similar deal recently and loved it!
I was skeptical of the mail order style of business, but the coffee was great.
They have lots of varieties and flavors to choose from ... including basic coffee and decaf.

I tried the Creme Brulee and the Espresso Roast... both very good!
I especially loved the Creme Brulee... scrumptious! It tastes like it smells, at least to me anyway.
You can sign up to try them and if you choose to not get anymore coffees fromthem simply call them and ask to be removed from their shipments.
Be sure to call right away after you received your first package to insure they don't send more if you don't want it.

Of course if you love it, you can have the coffee shipped to your door
as often or as sporadic as you like.

I don't know about you, but I love my coffee!

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