McDonald's After School Snack Coupon Booklets...

Select McDonald's locations now have a After School Snack Booklet for sale!

They are $1 each and they include 12 coupons making each item free...

  • 3 Baked Pies
  • 3 Apple Juices
  • 3 Small Cones
  • 3 Apple Dippers or Small Fry

These make nice treats for the kids
when you're out and about shopping with them.

You must be under 12 to redeem the coupons.

Coupons are long dated & don't expire until 12/2011 so get your hands of some of these if you can... would make a nice gift for a friend with kids too!

Note: If your McDonald's doesn't offer them they may not take them if you get them from a friend or other source.

Don't forget the Angus Burger coupon.
The burgers cost a bit more than some of the others, but it is a bigger sandwich.

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