ReadySite... $25 Bonus for Signing up!

Do you have a blog or website?
Thought about trying to make a little money
from your site without selling anything?

One easy way to monetize your site is to sign up with ReadySite.

ReadySite is a nice way to get started when you're ready to monetize because it gives you the opportunity to choose which ads you'd like on your site and it combines & or rotates those ads for you wherever you choose to place the ad on your site. The ads are contained to the banner you select and are only the ads you allow. You don't have to mess with multiple banners and links to list offers they provide for you.

Another great site I like to use is Logical Media. Logical Media runs a lot of the same promotions and ads that ReadySite does. The difference is you can scatter them throughout your site and even write posts about individual ads or offers as you like.

Some say don't try to monetize until you've reached a certain reader level... that's up to you. My opinion... assuming you want it is to go ahead and sign up for a few programs and get your hands on a few of the available offers. Sometimes there are coupons, rebates and freebies that can give you something to write about when you can't think of anything clever.

And my most important piece of advice... don't put offers on your site/blog that you wouldn't do yourself. Say you're not comfortable with the requirements for a deal, don't post it, or if you do let people know your concerns about the offer. This keeps your credibility which is so important when you want readership!

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A Frugal Friend said...

Hey Suz,
I tried to link to your Rite Aid post of weekly deals....and it just pulls up your homepage, not the indiv post so that my readers could see.

Just wanted to let you know. Since you post deals to different stores than I have here in TX, I'd love to link to you from time to time. :-)

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