Save Money on Cell Phone Bills!

A great way to have a cell phone and save money on the bills is to purchase a pay as you go phone like this TracFone.

When you have a pay as you go plan you only pay for the minutes you need and the extras roll over to the next month. This is great because you buy minutes as you need them, and when you upload your minutes ... they double. Every time you add more, they double!!

After you've purchased your phone, a good place to look for discount cards to add minutes is ebay. Do be careful to check seller ratings to be sure you're getting a good card.

Do be aware that when you add minutes, you will need to add them again within a certain time frame to keep your phone active. I suggest you add minute one of the last few days your current card is good, unless you need more minutes prior to that, so that your time is stretched between card purchases.

You may find that the TracFones with double lifetime minutes cost a tiny bit more upfront... and I do mean tiny bit. You will find that the savings in getting double minutes is well worth it in the long run!

Get an LG 600 phone for $49.99 and receive double minutes for life!

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