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Conway 32 Piece Dish Set $14.99 +$.99 s/h
was $29.99 + s/h

Stainless Steel Mister Sprayer $8.99 + $.99 s/h
was 12.99

I recently got one of these & love it! Mine's a different brand, but same idea. Saves you money in the long run because you add oil when you it needs refilled vs. buying an expensive aerosol. You can decide what kind of oil and/or herbs you put in it to use each time you refill.
Works for me!!

Snack trays set of 4, $5+ $.99 s/h
Was $16.99 + s/h

Find all of these items and more in the "SALE" section of the site. I recently found this site and it has a lot of great kitchen supplies and gadgets to offer!

Use the link above to get the special on shipping and handling.

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