Wow... I'm away on vacation... & all I can say is wow!
My best friends family ... Hi Jill... offered for us to come visit their neck of the woods and Hubby was laid off, so off we went, our passports actually made it in time. Thought I'd be able to post a few things now and then, but just doing too much! Want to take it all in!
Where? Canada! New Brunswick area... never been before and lots to see! The lady at the border asked where we were going and after we told her the name of the city, she said... "You must know someone there. No one would just say they were going there for much else." Oh, the quiet life! Nice and refreshing for a change of pace.
Deer Island, Hopewell Rocks, Crystal Palace, St. Andrews, St. John, Beaches and Beaches (and so refreshingly different from Florida beaches)... seafood and more seafood (the freshest we've ever tasted... Yum!)
Deals will resume again soon!


A Frugal Friend said...

It sounds like an amazing trip - enjoy!

Suz said...

Had a great time! Now back to the deals :)

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