CVS $25 Prescription Transfer Coupon!

Print this while you can! These are getting harder and harder to come by, but I love them.
This one's good through 10/4/09.

Here's why....
Hubby has one prescription, so we can't use these a lot, but it's money in our pockets every time we do. We have a co-pay making his med cost the same out of pocket no matter where we take it (as long as the insurance covers that pharmacy). We pay the co-pay, get the gift card, and just got free money to spend in the store we transferred to. Never had anyone tell me I have to leave his prescription at that pharmacy for any certain length of time after the transfer. They're simply trying to get you to the store and hoping you'll stay.

Use Caution...
if you have multiple prescriptions to take care of every month or if you're taking a very important medication. Hubby's med is only for his heartburn and not a big deal if they happen to switch him to generic, etc. Sometimes continuing care is better than the cash bonus of transferring.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Thanks! With 5 prescriptions just for kids on a regular month this will come in handy!

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