Getting a pool.... Used one that is...

I've been busy this week...

Helping Hubby prepare for a pool :)
(above ground in case you're wondering)

He found a used one that we looked at for cheap... $600 for the pool and heater. The heater itself is worth that!

We'd been considering getting a new one, but the cost after buying the pool and putting on a deck (which we would do ourselves) was just too much. So, after much consideration we decided to wait it out a few years... that's when he found the used one.

We were able to buy the deck from him too for $150 more. We will need to add to it some... our city says we have to have a fence or security around the pool. But, after I clean & stain it, it will have saved us a lot of money!!

More details and pics to come soon :)

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