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Hubby and I have contemplated getting rid of our home phone because we both have cell phones. I've been hesitant to do it because we have a little guy and I want to keep the home phone for babysitters (although most of them have cell phones themselves these days) and 911 purposes.

Our home phone service is the basic minimum that they allow, yet it still costs us nearly $25 a month... and that only includes local calls and no extras like caller Id, forwarding, 3-way, etc.

Recently a family member mentioned something to us about the Magic Jack. It comes with great reviews from them.

The cost compared to regular phone rates is awesome at $19.95 a year after your initial startup... and it's free national coverage, including Canada if I've read all of the details correctly.

You also get... Free directory assistance, voice mail, call waiting, caller id, three way calls, & call fowarding!

You get to pick your area code so your local friends and family can still call you for free.

You do have to have some kind of high speed internet service to be able to use it. Read more about those details here.

Hubby and I are seriously considering trying the service to see how we like it. If it works well for us, we will then disconnect our regular home phone service.

If you're using it... let me know what you think :)

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