Wii... $199 w/ $25 Amazon Gift Card!!

Right now at Amazon.com...
Get a new Wii Console for a new low price of $199!

To top that...
they are including a $25 Gift Card for any future purchase at Amazon.com... details here.

Plus... Shipping is free too!!

It's like paying $175 for the Wii!! Wow... and to think you could hardly get your hands on one the last few years at Christmas. I already have one, or I'd be jumping in on this one... my four year old loves it.

You can even download a lot of older games for various systems too... my son loves the older versions of Mario Brothers! He always wants to play the games with the red and green guys. How cute is that?!?!?

If you're even considering a Wii for Christmas...
Now's the time to make it official!

Lots of games & accessories are on sale right now too... be sure to check them out as well :)

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