Upromise... New Coupons!

UPromise College Dream Sweepstakes

I haven't mentioned this one in awhile, but love'm!

Upromise helps you collect money for your child's college...
It's easy & free!!

Every time you make a purchase and scan your store card (after you've signed up and given them your store card info) you will get $ back in an account for various products that you purchase.

Your friends and family can sign up to and contribute to your child's education. Don't have anyone to put through college... I bet you know someone who does!

Tell them about Upromise and sign up to help them with college. Don't know who to help? Sign up and give your local school the rewards.

That's all you have to do if you want...
Sign up and forget about it!

Want to earn more? Check out their site and sign up for eCoupons (electronic coupons) that are tied to one of your local store cards. You get money in your account for each one you redeem. The money doesn't come off at the register, but instead is placed in the account for college expenses.

Still want more? Give them your credit card information and earn more shopping at stores without cards, gas stations, and restaurants.

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