Black Friday....

Black Friday is fast approaching and there is so much out there to look at already!

What is Black Friday?  
The Friday after Thanksgiving... The day they say stores get out of the red and into the black for the year.  When they actually start making a profit.  Don't know if that's really true, not worked retail enough to know, but that's the story.

The ads are numerous and too many to list! 
I've listed a few ads here that might be of interest.  You can find a lot of great lists and links for deals at

I've listed Meijer first because their sale 
is actually on Thanksgiving Day!
   Don't miss it! It's a good one!

Meijer- Thanksgiving Day Sale- Some great buys here.  Wii Fit Bundle $44.99 (good luck on this one!), Webkinz $8, Razor Rip Rider $79 (these look like fun!), Cricut Cartridges $34.99, Shoes B1G1 for $1 (been waiting for this one!)

Here are a few to check out for Black Friday...

Walmart- of interest to me... Cricut Expression in colors with 2 cartridges included $188 (my girlfriend has one of these and it's great !!! .... Gotta get my own sometime Jill!...Maybe it will be Friday).

Jo-Ann Fabrics - Cricut Cartridges will be $28.88 each

Old Navy Jeans: Kids $10, Adults $15

Kohl's- Never venture there anymore on BF because the lines are simply too long!!  Two hours is too long to wait to checkout for anything... if there's a deal there you want, I hope the lines at your store are better!
A Full Cup

Know of a great deal on Black Friday you think I should post?  Let me know and if you have a site or blog I'll link to you if I use your deal.  :)

2 comments: said...

I think you need a Cricut!! I love mine and that is an amazing price!

Suz said...

Thanks Kellie! I'm really hoping to get there in time to get my hands on one.... won't be too picky about the color, although I love red! :)

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