Funny Story...

Just had to share this one with you all....

Hubby and I went out for dinner with our little guy in tow last week after a doctors appointment.  We had to travel an hour to the appointment, so decided to eat at a place we enjoy but don't often get to because of the distance.  Let's face it... The real deciding factor was that I had a coupon!

The restaurant of choice... 
Bucca di Beppo

I've only been there a few times, but love thier meals and I had recently gotten a $10 off coupon in the local newspaper which was perfect timing. 

We sat down to order and shortly after, my little guy needed to run to the restroom.  I took him while Hubby stayed at the table.  It was relatively quiet in the room where we were seated with just a booth right behind my husband and a table across the room full.  My Hubby couldn't help but overhear part of the conversation coming from the booth.

There were two couple sitting there and one of the women must have pulled a coupon out of her purse.  The gentleman with the other lady made some kind of comment... "Who uses a coupon at a place like that anyway?" 

Her response... "Well, I guess the one that's saving $10 on their meal tonight!  And that would be me!"

You go girl!! 

I had an extra coupon that I was hoping to hand to someone who might be able to use it... and I told Hubby he should have offered it to them, but it was probably better he didn't.

I just found it amusing that someone was too proud to use a coupon... or at least that's how it sounded.  I guess I'm just used to being frugal and never have a second thought about using coupons or discounts.  To me it's normal and fun... I hope if you ever feel shameful about using a coupon you realize that you're doing the smart thing by using it... and I'd prefer to be smart than prideful.  :)

We ate inexpensively at a restaurant I enjoy with the help of a coupon and mindful ordering.  The waitress asked us about dessert and my favorite is Tiramisu which they offer.  It was $9.99 by itself!! I asked her if she could serve me half for half price and she offered to check.  She came back with a half portion, which was so enormous that after my little guy and I ate some, I took half of it home too. 


Noelle said...

Love the story and how clever to ask for a half portion of dessert!
I often ask if they offer half portions on entrees, but had never thought of it for dessert.
Thanks for the great idea!

Suz said...

I was stuffed... but not many places have tiramisu and I wanted a bit of it. I knew it would still be good if we took some of it home. I was also a bit overwhelmed by the initial price, their half portion was to me a normal restaurant dessert portion so it worked out great. My little guy could've eaten the whole thing! He loved it too!

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