Indian Trail Cranberry Orange Sauce..... Gone!!

If you're looking for the Indian Trail Cranberry Orange Sauce in your grocery freezer, 
you likely won't find it... it's no longer in production!

No April Fools...
this one's for real I'm afraid.

I was lucky enough to have one tucked back in the depths of my freezer from last year that showed no evidence of it's time there.

Hubby tried it tonight (we had a few leftovers from his family's Thanksgiving) and he had to admit that he liked it.  He's always said, "Yuck! Who wants cranberries?" before, but had never really tried it before. 

I did go in search for something to replace Indian Trail so I can still make Mom's Wonderful Cranberry Salad.  I had in mind what I was going to do, but haven't experimented yet.  I will give you Cora's suggestion since she's tried it and it seems to work for most of her readers.


1 bag (12 oz.) fresh cranberries
1 whole orange including peel/rind, seeds removed
1 cup sugar
Chop all ingredients in a food processor or a food grinder and stir to mix. Refrigerate until ready to use. Be sure to let it drain a while to remove the excess liquid before mixing it with Jello.

Once I have a chance to try it, and also try my own ideas, I'll let you know what works best for me.  I wanted to give you all a chance to make my Mom's Cranberry Salad for Thanksgiving if you wanted to try it... & I assure you, it's great!

If you try Cora's recipe, or have a cranberry recipe of your own you'd like to share.... Let me know, I'd be glad to share it!

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