Vistaprint: Business Cards!

I just ordered business cards from Vistaprint...

Got 250 glossy, colored, personalized business cards with a black and white image and writing on the back for Free! ... Plus shipping/handling.

All in all they cost me a shopping $5.67 total.

You can use business cards for more than just a business!  They are great to put your information on to give out when you bump into an old friend or classmate, or your child's friends parent so you can later contact them about a play date.  Makes you look organized and put together even when you're not :)

 Use the link below to get the discounted rate... 
and have fund designing yours, I did!

VistaPrint USA Inc.

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Steve Stone said...

Hello Family Cents,
You and your readers may be interested to know about the best full colour free business card offer available in the UK and EU.
What makes this the best offer?
• No advertising on reverse side
• No thin paper
• No extra charge for logo upload
• No extra charge for printing on reverse side
• No extra charge for normal shipping
• No extra charge for uploading your own design.
• All online templates are free of charge.
• No hidden future charges
For more details visit 100 free business cards:
Let me know if you have any questions.

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