Amazon: Free Shipping... Trial of Amazon Prime!

This is thanks to my good friend Jill! 

Every year we've begun looking for a chance to sign up for a trial of Amazon Prime to get our Amazon orders shipped free.  Just recently she was able to sign up for a free month trial even though she'd done the trial before.... I however, missed that window myself -so I didn't bother to share it with you. 

I went online this morning and someone mentioned that they had bought something on amazon and it offered them a free trial of Prime during the checkout process... sorry to whoever mentioned this... I failed to save what message board I was in and who posted it.  :(

I thought I'd check it out for myself and signed into my account and clicked on the link to the side for Amazon Prime just to see if it offered me the yearly price as it always does.  Low and behold it was offering me a free 1 month trial!  I did a free 3 month trial last year for the first time, so wasn't expecting it to be that easy.  I jumped right in and signed up ... no missing out this time!  Now I can get most of my orders from Amazon free through Christmas without bothering to accumulate the normal $25 in my cart each time.... Yippee!!

This time of year Amazon Prime is particularly helpful for me as their sales change dramatically every day.  You might find 1 thing you want today, and two things you want tomorrow and with Prime, shipping is free regardless of the amount you spend.  Love it!

To save you the trouble of hunting down the signup page... 
You can find it here.

What is Amazon Prime?  
Amazon Prime is a program offers that allows you to get free 2-day shipping on any Amazon order (from an Amazon store-not individuals who sell on Amazon), of any value, at any time for free.  

Amazon Prime is great because often times you will find one or two things that you want but shipping seems to cost almost as much as the items.  Amazon always offers Spend $25 or more on your order and get free shipping, but I've found that I don't often want to spend $25 in an order.

I was able to find all the details here about the trial they are offering.  Looks like the deal I got was not a fluke... even if you've tried it before, you are eligble for another trial.

The trial is for 30 days and will automatically bill you after that for the yearly subscription fee.  It is easy to cancel that reorder and I did so right after I signed up for the trial.  They give you the information on how to do that right after you sign up, so it's easy to do... you don't even have to mark your calendar and do it in 3 weeks!  Love Amazon!  :)

Sign up for the trial and get your Christmas shopping done easy with Amazon!  
You can even have items shipped to different places, no problem.

I'll be posting deals there as I find them, so check back!

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