Make the Cut: New Cricut Program

I mentioned a few days ago a new program that has been written for the Cricut....  

Make the Cut is a computer program that allows you to cut lots of images on the Cricut, & not just from Cricut cartridges either.  It is made so that you can import many different types of images and break them apart to be cut by the Cricut.  You can build layers, weld images, break images apart, rotate them, etc.

You can build your image pieces or layers right on your computer screen in the same way that you want to cut it out.... putting each design element where you want it so that you can cut them all at one time.  It gives you an image of your cutting mat so that you know exactly where to place each color of paper for each element.  Unlike the cartridges where you have to cut each color individually to be sure that you have the right amount of paper for each piece (unless you have Design Studio Software- Cricut's software that allows you to set up your cuts on the screen before you cut.  Only uses Cricut cartridges for images/fonts.)

I will be trying the software soon and will let you know my results.   I'm loving the idea of being able to cut my own images without the fuss of yet another program.... if you have any version of SCAL you have to break apart/set up images in Inkscape or another program and save them as an SVG before moving them into SCAL.

It's also great that your image availability is basically unlimited with this program.  No more buying expensive cartridges unless there is one you think you just have to have.  You can use many of the free fonts you find online as well... many of which include images as well.

I'm posting about this again because I'm a new Cricut owner and I'm looking for ways to make my investment even more affordable and fun.  When I bought my Cricut (on Black Friday I might add... lol) I knew that SCAL existed and was considering purchasing that instead of cartridges to make the most of my money.  I hadn't yet  purchased it with the holidays coming up.

My friend Jill told me about Make the Cut and I'm glad she did!  
I think it's going to give SCAL a run for it's money and I'm excited about it.
Thanks Jill!

I will have to mention too that I sent an email to the owner of the site and got a response very quickly!  It is a new program, but I feel safe that the developer is truly making a go of this.  He has a small message board on the site page for questions, concerns, etc and is quick about responding to people there and is making changes in the program per peoples requests.

I asked about updates to the program and was told via email that updates will always be free!!  He believes all software is a work in progress and doesn't think you should have to pay for the same idea twice.... Love it!

There is currently a discount on the program since it is new and just getting started.
They are asking $77.97 for the program, but retail price is noted as $129.95.  

There is currently a discount code available for the program that gets you 10% off.  It is good through 1/1/10... so get in quick if you think you might want it.  If the program goes as well as I think it might, he could easily raise the price once he gets all the final tweaking done!

Discount code is FRUM-7C6P 

If you want to try the trial version first... you can find it here.

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