Free Cut File!!

If you've followed my blog at all you know I recently acquired at Cricut on Black Friday last year & I'm loving it!   

I've also made the leap and purchased the Makes-the-Cut (MTC) software program that allows you to create and cut your own images with the cricut...  Must say it's awesome!  

I plan on posting some of my own creations soon... I've already got several made and have had fund doing it!  I wanted to share one this week for you, but was unable to spend much time on my blog as family was much more important this week!

Since I haven't yet figured out yet how to link my own files to my blog, I've decided to go ahead and share one that I found to be cute and useful... I hope you enjoy it too. 

This cutfile comes just in time for Valentine's Day... Cute little gift bags you can cut out with your Cricut.  See image above.  You can get the files here.  Simply click on the white wording in the red boxes to select the files you want to download.  They are in svg format... so be sure to click svg when you load them into MTC to use.

These bags would be great for any time of the year... Just change the paper colors and accent/embelish them to the desired occasion.  I love multipurpose items!!  :)

They also have some cute embellishment ideas for Valentine's Buckets... these would be great to use in the classroom setting to collect Valentines!   Use the images on buckets like they've shown, or come up with your own use for them.... Either way... cute!

Find them here.

Theses files come from and is a site that I've seen a number of cute free files on worth saving for future use.

If you have Sure-Cuts-A-Lot, you should be able to use the files as well.

Don't know anything about Makes-the-Cut?  

Find more info about them here.  They are great programs that make your Cricut an even more valuable tool & they both offer free trials to try them out.


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