Swagbucks.... New Look...

Happy 2nd Birthday Swagbucks!!

to celebrate...
Swagbucks has changed their look 
& rewards program!

I've mentioned Swagbucks here a few times because I love that I earn rewards for doing something I already do anyway... search for things online.

My favorite rewards is Amazon gift certificates that I can use for anything at Amazon.  There are lots of other choices and rewards as well.

Along with their new look, they have changed the rewards program a bit.... if you already use Swagbucks you will see that your rewards points have been multiplied by 10, you will also notice that the points toward rewards have also done the same.   They say they will be giving away bucks more often and possibly of higher value than before, as well as giving more ways to earn them.

If you haven't signed up with Swagbucks I encourage you to try it.  

I have loaded the search bar on my computer and use it for most of my everyday searching.... and am loving the rewards.

Search & Win

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Amy Walker said...

I keep hearing about this. I'm going to finally check it out! So happy to find your blog! Following you!

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