I'm Baacckkkk!

Wow... the days go by!  You can see from the dates from my last post to here that I have been absent for awhile.  Life has a crazy way of changing & I've been so busy with family and new projects that I've neglected to post here in a long, long time!

Hubby and I have become interested in real estate and have made some purchases which require lots of elbow grease... to say the least.  It's taken a lot of my time because we have been doing the majority of the work ourselves.  

I will be making a few changes here to link you to the places I refer to on a regular basis to try and get the best deals at the grocery and drug stores.  I also hope to begin posting things aside from those for you that I've found to be a good deal as well. 

So... I'm hoping you will come along and join me for my life adventures.  Who knows, maybe I'll post some pictures of our new projects too. 

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