Swagbucks.... Love 'em!

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I've been using Swagbucks for searching for awhile and love 'em!  

You get points, or they call them Swagbucks, for various things that you can redeem for prizes or gift cards.  How do you get these bucks?

  • get "bucks" every day just for logging onto their site
  • use their search engine, which is powered by Google, and get random Swagbucks for various values
  • complete surveys on their site
  • browse their site and you will often get "bucks"
  • make purchases through the site
  • trade in an old cell phone you're no longer using
After you've accumulated some points, take a look and see what they offer that you'd like to have, or if you're like me, take a gander first so you know how much you need to save up.

I personally like to save up for $5 Amazon gift cards.  They cost 450 "bucks" each and you can claim 5 a month.  If you are earning more points than that, they have larger valued Amazon cards as well, but the $5 ones are the most value for your Swagbucks.

I have been wanting to order the Zumba set on Amazon and finally decided to do it... loved it the couple of times I tried it in the gym, but want to get more comfortable before going back to the gym for it.  Plus, I look forward to being able to do it at home without having to get out in the snow this winter!  I used the Amazon cards I'd saved up from doing Swagbucks and got myself $25 off the price of the set... I also know if I end up not using the dvd's, I can easily sell them for what they're worth on ebay right now... so win/win for me if they don't work for me.


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