Where I've been...

I haven't posted in ages... I know.  

Life has taken some busy roads and although I am still using coupons, I haven't taken the time to post my deals here because I simply haven't had the time.  My stockpile has even lost it's steam a bit... needs some reorganizing and adding to, but still very useful and present.

Where I've been...  an explanation
Since we owned our first home, we began doing updates to it and often would get estimates for work to be done only to find out we couldn't afford it, so I would research the project, and with hubby's handyman qualities, we'd do it ourselves. 

Our little man was fixin' to go to full day Kindergarten and hubby thought I needed something to do during the day.  After trying to decide what might be practical, we were lost for ideas.  Hubby wanted me home when our little man was home from school, but able to work when he was at school... not many jobs around here are like that.   Because of our experience in home repair, and hubby's interest in doing rentals, we decided to look for inexpensive homes that could be repair and then rented or sold.  Because of hubby's work schedule, he gets about two days a week to help me work, and I work on my own the other days. 

Hubby has always had an interest in having rental properties, so we bought a duplex last spring to update and rent out.  Before the upstairs unit was done, we had a couple that wanted to rent it. 

Before the duplex was finished, we were purchasing another home that was in much need of repair... but it was everything it needed to be to work out as a possible flip, or a nice rental if no one purchased it.  It's been a long road, but the project is in it's final stages and we are excited about it.  We've had fun doing it, we did have a bad days along the way, and we learned a lot! 

The house is listed for sale here

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