Tracfone.... Triple Minutes for Life Offer

Triple Minutes for Life with the Motorola EX124G!

Right now Tracfone is offering TRIPLE Minutes for life 
on your choice of 2 phones....

If you purchase one of these phones you will get triple the minutes of any minutes you purchase and add to the phone... for the entire life of the phone.

You will need to type in your zip code before they allow you to look at the available phones.  The ones that have triple minutes offered currently are at the bottom of the page.

These phones are great for people that don't use a lot of minutes or want to stay out of a contract.

If you currently have a phone and want to transfer the phone number you can do that with these phones.



Wolfab said...

I would dearly like to know if this triple minutes for life feature is only a once off thingy, or if it'll be around for a while, to also be able to get seperately, like the double minutes for life. It would make a wonderful gift for my mother who has tracfone's SVC phone and plan, that already has double minutes, but could seriously do with triple!

Suz said...

I have seen it offered several times and once you have purchased a particular phone it will have triple minutes for the life of that phone. Same works for when you have purchased a double minute phone... every time you add minutes to that phone they double.

If you change phones due to the desire to upgrade or phone failure, you will lose the triple/double minutes depending on the phone you had as you can't transfer that deal to another phone.

Hope that helps!

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