Earning $ at CVS....

CVS is one of my favorite places to shop for free...
Hubby has been known to call it legalized stealing!

You all know about ECB's at CVS and how they work... if you don't check out CVS 101 here.

There is yet another way to earn $ through CVS, & I'm not speaking of prescription transfers (which are great too if you can find the coupons to do it).

Check out the CVS advisor site and sign up to be an advisor for them. They will send the occasional survey to get your opinions on anything from a product in their store, to how the store's laid out, to how knowledgable the staff is. Usually the reward for filling out the survey is a $10 ECB that prints on one of your visits later (at the end of the survey they tell you when to expect your reward to print).

I have probably been signed up on the advisor site for about a year and have received 3-4 surveys with a $10 ECB reward each. Not a great amount of money, but for a small amount of time and effort it's a nice bonus & as CVS goes, it can be stretched a long way! I have always received my reward when expected, and I don't get spam from it, so it's a way to occasionally get bonus CVS $.

Check it out here.

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