Great time to sign up for Ebates!!

Ebates has a promotion through the end of October
that gives you $10 just for signing up!

Their normal promotional bonus is $5.

I'll give you all the info up front... in order to cash out on that $10 (or more if you get friends to sign up through your link-more details on that below), you have to make a few purchases through them. One within the first 30 days to keep your sign-up bonus.

Now I know you're thinking you have to go to their website and purchase their products... not at all. EBates is a program where you will find more than thousand retailers that you can shop through.

Here are a few examples of the stores you find at Ebates:
  • JCPenney
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Alamo car rental
  • Target
  • Disney
  • Starbucks
  • Petcare RX
  • Shutterfly
You will get your rewards bonus (provided you made a purchase before 10/31) and any money that you earned by signing up your friends that followed is saved when the money you have earned through shopping totals $5.01 or more. That money is not put on a time basis... it is yours as soon as your cash back from shopping through them equals $5.01 or more. Also... if you shop enough to have $5.01 in your shopping rewards, you get a check from them every three months, or if you'd rather, they can pay you through Paypal

Extra.. Extra... Also, if you sign up right now and get 2 friends to sign up under you & make a purchase prior to 10/31, you are rewarded with a $30 bonus! Easy money! One friend will benefit you $10.

What is Ebates? What's the catch? Ebates offers rewards when you sign up through them and then go shopping. They have thousands of retailers that not only give percentages back from your purchases, but they often offer coupons/codes that you can use at retailers to save you money on your purchases.

Ebates is a great program to use if you ever purchase anything online. I don't shop online a lot, but I find that with Christmas time creeping up I usually find a few deals that I can run through Ebates to get my rewards and save money on my purchases too.

I've been a member of Ebates for about a year and found them to be a good company utilize. Often if they don't offer a percentage back at the retailer I'm wishing to shop at they have a coupon for them that saves me money.

Their service is absolutely free... it will never cost you a red cent and you get $ back for shopping. What a great time of the year to offer bonuses for shopping online for Christmas! (something I'm gearing up to do right now)

One way to make the best of signing up and getting the bonus assured right away is by making a purchase on through their site. If you've never heard of them, check them out for some nice dining at discount prices. Check out my info. here about them.

They currently have a discount coupon code on Ebates site for 60% off of your purchase (if you use a code from their site your purchase should qualify no problems), you also then get 30% back through Ebates. is a discount dining program on it's own so you can really save right now and meet the requirements for the $5 in your account. The code is FALL and works on any Dinner of the Month purchase or any $25 gift certificate purchase. Code works through 9/30 so act fast!

For example .... I was looking at a gift certificate thorugh that is for $25... their price is $10, apply the 60% off and you pay $4 for your $25 gift certificate (some of the certificates at have specific requirements to use them so read them carefully before choosing). Then you get 30% back of the $4 which is $1.20. So for $2.80 you get a $25 gift certificate for dining and your $5 credited to your account.

I'll make it easy...
Sign up here for Ebates!
Get 2 friends to do it and you're $30 richer too....

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