Walgreens Overlap!!!! Today & tomorrow!!

For the last several months the coupons and rebates in Walgreens EasySaver catalog have overlapped and many stores will let you use both coupons on a product (if there is one from each month) as well as a manufacturer coupon and you can send in for rebates for each month on these two days as well.

This will happen this month as well, today and tomorrow.

Do these deals in combination with the $5 off $20 coupon and you've really saved some $!! See some examples of deals with the coupon and find a link to the coupon here.

Here are a few deals I'm aware of and hope to do tonight:

1)Garnier Products 25.4oz are $6.99
Buy 3 for a total of $20.97
-$1 manuf. coupons X3= -$3
Oct. EasySav.coupon $3 off each = -$9
Rebate in Sept EasySav. catalog for $10
$20.97-$22=$1.03 profit(minus your taxes) + $1 if you opt for Walgreens card

2)M&M's on sale 4/$10
Oct. EasySav. coupon $1/2
Sept. EasySav rebate $5
=$10-7=$3 for 4 bags of candy - $.50 if you opt for Walgreens card

3)Platex Sport Tampons $4.99
Sept. ES. coupons $2
Oct. EX coupon $2/2
Buy 2= $10
- $4 Sept coupon
-$2Oct coupon
= $4 total (or $2 each)

4)Jergens 10 oz lotion $3.99
Sept ES coupon $1
Oct. ES coupon $1
= $1.99

4)Glade Scented oil Candle w or w/o Holder $5.79- $5.99
Sept ES coupon $2
Oct. ES rebate $2
Manufact. coupon $2
= FREE after rebate
You can do this up to 4 rebates ($8)

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